5 Tips for choosing the right wedding flowers for you.

Dear brides and grooms to be. If you’re in the process of trying to pick your florist or floral styling for your wedding, consider these three tips first:

  1. Consider what you really want. It might all sound a little too deep for flowers, but Brides these days are being very picky about their flowers. From the need for eco-friendly buds, to seasonal, local and British grown, brides are asking for more from their florists. In response many florists now specialise – you can find florists that match these specific consumer needs, which can really help you pick the right flowers and florist for you. So, have a little think before you take the plunge.
  2. Be clear from the start. Most Brides-to-be have a to do list as long as their arm, and very little time to do it all in. But not being clear from the start of communications with your potential florist can really waste your time and effort, and cause stress! Make sure you sit-down and spend the time before-hand to really focus and think about what you want, and how this will work with your theme and venue. Even 15 minutes of planning can help make a world of difference to the clarity of your brief and ongoing communications with your florist – as well as save any disappointment on the big day!
  3. Use technology and tools to help bring ideas to life. Let’s face it, you’ve got a very specific image in your head and you probably wish somebody could just plug in and see it for themselves. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t quite stretched that far yet! However, there are still a plethora of online tools you can use to bring these images to life for your florist. Start with Pinterest and create a board of images that match what’s in your head, or flick through sites such as Instagram or Flickr and create a mood board. These will save you time and help you communicate what you want, and should prove really helpful for your florist too!

We hope these tips help you plan your flowers for your special day. If you like these please share via social media and if we can help with your special event in Surrey, please get in touch.